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Good Info, Marcengill's of Oconee are relatives of Daniel Massengill, at least accord to the best data


Elizabeth Isabella Massengill

1Registers Office, Tennessee, Sevier County, Will - Book 3 Pg 73 No 24, 4 Mar 1833. "State of Tennessee)
Sevier County     )

This indenture made and entered into this 19th day of February 1833 Between John W. Porter and John Thomas Administrators de bonus non of the Estate of Eleshabeth Thomas deceased of the one part and John Mullandore of the other Part all of the county and state above named.

Witnessth that the said Porter and Thomas hath this day sold to the said Mullendore a negro woman named Tenor aged about Fifty years and a negro girl named Polly aged about six years for the sum of Two hundred and fifty dollars to them (the said Porter & Thomas Paid in hand) by him the said Mullendore the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged and the said Porter and Thomas hereby warrents and defends the rights of the said negroes Tenor and Polly so far as is vested in us as Administrators and no Further to the said Mullendore his heirs and assigns and warrents said negroes to be sound and healthy and slaves for life given under our hands and seals this day and year above written.
Issac T R Ellis               Jno. W. Porter  (Seal)
Napoleon B. Thomas             John Thomas    (Seal)

State of Tennessee)
Sevier County     )    Personally appeared before me McKindree Porter deputy Clerk of the County Court of Sevier County John W. Porter and John Thomas with whom I am personally acquainted and acknowledge that they executed the within Bill of sale for the purpose therein stated.  Witness my hand at Office in Sevierville this 4th March 1833.
                           Geo. McCown  Clerk
           By his dpty     Mc. Porter

State of Tennessee)
Sevier County     )    I certify that the within Bill of sale with the Clerks certification are duly registered in the Registers Office of Sevier County in Book E page 73 - No 24.  Given under my hand this 18th day of March 1833
                           Alexr. Preston R.S.C.

John Thomas was son of Elizabeth and Isaac Thomas. John W. Porter, son-in-law was married to Elizabeth, called Betsy.  Isaac T.R. Ellis and Napoleon B. Thomas were grandsons."

2Tennessee, Knoxville Register, No 122,, 24 Nov 1818. "MRS. THOMAS Takes this method to inform her acquaintances that she still intends to keep a house of Private ENTERTAINMENT at the late residence of her deceased Husband near Sevierville, Tennessee. Nov 21, 1818."

3Tennessee, Knoxville Register, No. 738/Vol.XV., 22 Sep 1830. "NOTICE - There will be sold at public vendue, at the late residence of Elizabeth Thomas, deceased, TWELVE LIKELY NEGROES, together with some other articles belonging to the estate of Elizabeth Thomas, deceased. Said sale to commence on Friday the first day of October next. A credit will be given until the 19th day of July, 1831, the purchaaser giving bond with approved security. Current bank notes will be received in payment.
          John Thomas,    }
          John W. Porter, } Administrators
Sept. 15, 1830-3t $2.00."

Henry (Hal) Massengill

1S.E. Massengill, Massengill, Massengales and Variants (King Printing Co. Bristol, Tennessee 1931). Elizabeth and two brothers named.  Brothers were Revolutionary soldiers.

2Dr. Samuel Evans Massengill, Massengill, Henry - History of (Massengill Monument), Winged Deer Park, Bristol Highway, Sevier County, Tennessee. "Henry Massengill came from North Carolina to the Watauga settlement in 1769. His plantation, near the mouth of Boone's Creek, adjoined William Bean's who was the first permanent white settler west of the Alleghany Mountains.
In 1775 Mr. Massengill was appointed to an office in the Watauga Association, which adopted the first written constitution for the government of American-born freemen. He built the Massengill House of Worship in 1777 and served two years as sheriff of Washington District. He served on the staff of Captain William Edmiston in General Shelby's expedition against the Chicamauga Indians in 1779.
Henry Massengill married a sister of William Cobb, who followed Henry Massengill to the Watauga Settlement. Mr. Cobb was a member of the first Washington County Court. In 1780 he was one of the judges and viewers of the currency of the realm and one of the most prominent of the pioneers.
Mr. Cobb's residence, "Rocky Mount," (1.7 miles north of Winged Deer Park), was used by Governor Blount in 1790 as the capitol of the southwest territory. This was the first seat of the first recognized government west of the Alleghany Mountains and court was held in the surrounding woods. (The residence, still standing, is now maintained as the Rocky Mount Historic site.)
Andrew Jackson, the seventh president of the United States, was related to William Cobb's wife and in 1788, while awaiting his license to practice law in Washington County stayed at the William Cobb residence for six weeks and spent the time hunting and fishing."

3C.B. Wynn, Thomas, Isaac of Sevierville, Tennessee and a few of his descendants (Buckhorn Press, Gatlinburg, Tenn. 1980), p 17, Family History Library, 35 N West Temple Street, Salt Lake City, Utah 84150, FHC 921.73 T363w. "Elizabeth Massengill, wife of Isaac Thomas, was of English descent.

The Massengills or Massengales - the name is spelled in a variety of ways are themselves legion. Twenty-eight of the name received land grants from the Colony, Republic, and State of Texas. This large and far-flung family traces itself through ten generations to one Gilbert Morsingell of Whitby, England. His will dated 1564, that of his wife Elizabeth, 1599. Gilbert had a son, Anthony, who had a Gilbert, who had a son Daniel.

Daniel emigrated to America, settling in Charles City Colony in 1653. The first four generations are represented by:
Daniel I
Daniel II
James I
James II

The first Federal Census taken in 1790, 137 years after the arrival of Daniel I, lists eleven Massengills as heads of families, ten of these being in North Carolina. Eight of them served in the Revolutionary War - Abraham, Daniel, George, Joseph, Henry, Michael, and Solomon. Not enumerated in this census was Henry Massengill, Sr., who had moved from North Carolina to the Watauga River in what is now Tennessee, in 1769, one of the most picturesque members of a picturesque family.

Henry Massengill was elected to membership in the Watauga Association in 1775. A note found among his papers after his death gives an interesting glimpse of his character and times in which he lived.

"In Jan. 1772, I was taken with an illness which rendered me almost helpless for twelve months. I was elected a member of the Watauga Association in 1775. But return of my former illness prevented me from attending meetings until Sept 1776, I entered upon active duty and served until 1777. In April 1777 Rev. Charles Cummings a Presbyterian minister from Wolf Hills Settlement came to Watauga and preached three days. We hailed his coming among us with great joy for our souls were hungering and thirsting for spiritual nourishment. He urged the Settlers to build house of worship which we decided to do. I was to furnish logs, boards and all timbers needed to build a large house, with a section of benches in the back side for the Massengill and Cobb negroes numbering at this time 151 souls, so these slaves can come out and be refreshed in body and soul. This house was completed by July 1777 and and was known as the Massengill gill House of Worship. Rev. Cummings and Mulkey preached several times to the Settlers. I was chairman of a Committee of Safety for Watauga Settlemen 1778. I was elected sheriff of Watauga District served two years. I marched with Shelby against the Indians 1779. While I was away Tories came, abused my family, destroyed my property, burnt the Massegill House of Worship to the ground."

Written by Henry Massengill Sr Watauga District this 1st day June 1779."

4Rocky Mount and the Masengills, Rocky Mount Historical Association, Piney Flats, Tennessee 37686. ""Daniel Massengill came from Whitby, England, York Shire. Daniel Massengill was born 1624. Settled in Charles City Co Va in 1653 his children moved to South Hampton Co Va. Henry Massengill moved North Carolina in 1740 Settled in North Hampton Co. Henry Massengill moved to Watauga in the year 1769. Settled on the Watauga river. He was a member of the Watauga Association. He was appointed in 1775 to fill a vacancy made by Revolutionary War. He served in this position with honor. Henry Massengill served under Col. Evan Shelby and Charles Robertson in the spring of 1779 in their campaign against the Chickamauga Indians. Gov Patrick Henry ordered Col. Evan Shelby to raise 300 men immediately to march against the Indians. Gov. Henry issued a second order to raise 200 more men from the Watauga Section. Henry Massengill, Sr. marched against the Indians at Col. Shelby's command. While he away from home in the army Tories came and abused his family and destroyed his property. Col. Shelby and a part of his troops returned to Long Island April 6th 1779. The others arrived a few days later. The Soldiers volunteered from Va. and North Carolina for this expedition and Served without pay. A big number of horses were captured belonging to the Chickamaugas and some of the Soldiers rode home. Henry Massengill of Watauga served on Capt William Edmiston's Staff, Col Charles Robertson commanding. White men engaged in this campaign were about 1000. They in a short time roulded the Indian destroying their settlement down on the Cherokee river. They got much corn and many horses."
Henry Massengill Sr. married Mary Cobb sister of William Cobb. This record written by Henry Massengil Jr This 10th day of July 1785.

Henry Massengill Sr. and Mary Cobb had Six Children: Michael born in North Hampton Co. North Carolina. March 1st 1756. He was a member of the Regulators in Washington Co. 1778. Henry Massengill Jr. (Hal) was born in South Hampton Co. Virginia Oct. 1 1758. Enlisted as a soldier of the Revolution at the age of 18. Served under Colonels Shelby, Sevier and Cleveland. Solomon Massengill the third Son, Revolutionary Soldier Served under Sumpter at the Black Stocks and had his right ear cut by a British Dragoon. Three daughters Ailsey, Elizabeth and Mary."