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All Marcengill's of Oconee County, South Carolina are related to Granville Marcengill-  these records starting with George on back are online at the Morman Church family website.  Other family info is on the web blog.

The Marcengill name and its spelling orginated with Granville.  In early census records, Granville's name was spelled Massengill, (his father ROBERT spelled his name Massengill) in the latter census records the Marcengill name is spelled in the current spelling.  It is believed that Granville was less educated, and when the census record person came around to do the family census for Granville and his children, the census keeper spelled the name the way he heard it, and that is why Granville and his desendents spell the last name MARCENGILL.   Granville's children were likely at least grade schooled and they spelled their name as it was spelled on the offical documents.  ie the census and birth records.. 

Granville Marcengill/Massengill 1853
Robert Massengill1830
George W Massengill 4/15/1794
William Massingill 7/11/1743
Nathaniel Massengill 1717
James Massengill 1676 Nash County NC
Daniel Massengall 1/1/1660? 1st to come to america
Daniel Massengill 2/23/1624/23 whitby yorkshire england (see the new page "a little more history" 
Gilbert Marsingell wife Phoebe married 1610
Anthony Marsingell wife Ellen
Gilbert Morsingell 1534? wife Elizabeth







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